McGrath Beach, Oxnard - September 2007

Since we were kids in 1981, a group of friends and I have been going to McGrath State Beach in Oxnard, just south of Ventura.  Way back when Reagan was President, we had joked, "Hey, wouldn't that be funny if we kept camping here 20 years later?"  Passed that, and still going strong.

We were grateful that our winged friend was attracted to the sweetness of the blooms of the large bushes, puffballicus pinkus, instead of Tom's pumpkin pie.

Paul shows the best way to start a campfire - with a blowtorch.

We didn't think Lisa would return so quickly...

Photo by Lisa, paparazzi photographer

Little Bean kicks it with Paul and Sarah.

Photo by Lisa, Sears Family Portrait Photographer


McGrath is well known for bird watching, its wetlands preserve, the lush riverbanks of the Santa Clara River and the sand dunes along the shore.  And drinking beer and lighting campfires with blowtorches, I think...


Happy Bean.

Tom dreaming about pumpkin pie.

Flying kites at McGrath Beach in the setting sun.

Another beautiful McGrath weekend with good friends.

McGrath State Beach, September 2007

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