Pehrspace, 11 February 2008 - Rick Potts, Oscillator, Health, Everybody (Sean Carnage Presents)
Pehrspace, 4 February 2008 - Sonelle

Rick Potts performing at Pehrspace, Los Angeles.  What was originally to be a Dinosaurs with Horns show turned into a solo performance from the experimental multi-instrumentalist. 

Between sets, Professor Cantaloupe and DJ Mahssa spun rare and amazing records, latter having quite a collection of Farsi Funk. 

Professor Cantaloupe (Mitch Brown), who also plays with me in Sonelle, curated this show and the 4 February 2008 show. He also runs Melon Expander Records. See photos below.

DJ Mahssa also runs Finders Keepers Records.

Founding member of Los Angeles Free Music Society and Solid Eye member Rick Potts at Pehrspace gets jiggy with it.

Oscillator, an experimental music duo composed of one person manipulating an audio generator through numerous delays and effects, and another laying down the drum groove.  The giant orange ball gives off a light that manipulates a doohickey that makes even more noise.  Fun! 

The audience had never seen such an advanced case of scrotal elephantiasis.

Health:  a rhythmic pummeling rackety corporal drum-driven disco-groovin' sweaty aerobic loud guitar distorted synthesizer thing yeah.

tsipa-tsipah-tsipah-tsipah-BANG...blikam blikam blikam BANG- blikam blikam blikam BANG

boom tah tah boom...

Everybody keyboardist John Kirby adds juicy analog to the super-tight cosmic funk.

Everybody groovy people Bram and Pete.  I don't know how I can describe to you how good they are.  Super tight insistent funk grooves with delicious analog keyboards.  Deep groove / funk / jazz / electronic / psychedelic trio.  Yeah.   It's 1:45 am and I feel good.  Another amazing show at Pehrspace, run by Sean Carnage.




Some Sonelle photos from 4 February 2008's Pehrspace show, all taken by Sean Carnage.

Barry Conley manipulates his self-made outofcontrolatron modular analog synthesizer at Pehrspace on 4 February.  He joined Sonelle for the latter part of our set.

I performed last week at Pehrspace (4 February 2008), playing keyboard with Sonelle. 

Here's how Sean describes us:  Sonelle is Mitch Brown’s group, and they were rocking some dark dark Miles Davis “Agharta”-style vibrations that had everyone entranced. 

No photos, though.  Forgot the camera.  Too bad.  It's fun to take photos while performing.

U.S. minimalist jazz informed by afro-latin jazz influenced by U.S. jazz…??

Photo by Sean Carnage.


Carey Fosse, Mitch Brown, and me improvising as Sonelle.

Photo by Sean Carnage.

Jeff Brandon of Sonelle.

Photo by Sean Carnage.

Mitch and I (Sonelle) at Pehrspace, 4 February 2008.

Photo by Sean Carnage.

Flyer for both shows.

Flyer for 11 Feb show.

Thank you to Sean and Mitch for making this happen.  I had so much fun.  Thank you to Chris and Addis for coming out.

Pehrspace 11 February 2008

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