Topanga Earth Day, 19 April 2009

Teepee at Topanga Earth Day, 19 April 2009, at the Community Center.

This is the first of many photos I took of this fine fellow.  He later blew bubbles in front of the stage while the jam band Tea Leaf Green was playing.

See?  There he is again.

Happy Topangans exulting in Earth Day jubilation.

And...there he is again.

This is how some dance to Afro-Cuban jazz.  Perhaps not traditional, but quite athletic and groovy nonetheless.

Whooping it up for Tea Leaf Green.

Tea Leaf Green guitarist reels off another fast jammy solo.

Swinging, ecstatic swinging.


The audience for Tea Leaf Green.

And the's him again!

Celebrating all countries during the closing ceremony at Topanga Earth Day.

Looking on at the Topanga Earth Day closing ceremony.

Celebrating all the nations of the earth.

Lisa and I drove home, capping off the evening by eating delicious cooked goodness at Follow Your Heart Restaurant and health food store, as befitting our Earth Day celebration.

Topanga Earth Day 2009

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