Waylon and Willie
Our Pet Companions Through The Years

2 Sept 2009 - Willie had dermatitis from flea bites, which got infected.  Went to the cat doctor and got a cone.  He's miserable now, but his belly and leg look much better.  He tried to back out of the cone, then bashed it against doorways to try and knock it off, and finally tried to go outside.  He was not happy.

2 Sept 2009 - Willie's mother comforts Willie.

2 Sept 2009 - Willie eventually relaxed, trying to lay down on the couch.

After 12 years of age, Waylon grudgingly has begun donning his reading glasses.  August 2007 at a birthday party for Paul, Bill, and Tom.



Willie insists that the outside futon is his resting place.  Bean's not sure.  August 2007 at a birthday party for Tom, Bill, and Paul.


Waylon sleeping in late during the weekend - July 2007


Waylon, July 2007



Willie sleeping on the back patio, November 2006


Willie, Nov 2006


Waylon after coming back from the hospital for an abcess (Willie is in the background) - early 2006.


Willie (West L.A.)



Krishna and Willie (photo by pet photographer Lisa Kelly)


Waylon (photograph by pet photographer Mark Rance)


Waylon and Willie (photo by pet photographer Mark Rance)


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