A Record Release Party In Two Dimensions:
Zak Claxton Record Release Party in Terrestrial Earth and Second Life
11 December 2009

Journalists and internet pundits buzzed with excitement in the lobby of The Bean Counter in Redondo Beach, CA.  History was in the making:  a multi-dimensional record release party, the first of its kind anywhere.  And we had our crack photographers there to capture it in both dimensions - terrestrial earth and Second Life.

Zak Claxton, a crossover being from both dimensions, was aware of the monumental achievement, addressing both the flesh and virtual audiences with statesman-like aplomb.

In the flesh world, we had monitors to peer into Second Life; in Second Life, they could peer into our dimension.


Mouse over each photo to see our other photographer's photos from Second Life!

The meat puppets and the virtual Second Life audience were transfixed by Zak Claxton's historic record release party, performing songs from his new album in two dimensions simultaneously.

Here, Kat Claxton, Brian (pop mastermind from Chewy Marble and Wondermints), Triana, and Bunny look on. Triana flew from Minnesota just to be at the record release party, a true Zak Claxton fan.

What is the sound of one son clapping?  In two dimensions, no less?  Zak Claxton's son was determined to find the answer.

Although Phil was standing outside the window when I took this, he mysteriously does not appear in any photos...unless he chooses to do so.  Same with Second Life.  How he wields his magic, I'm not at liberty to say.

Zak Claxton explained about the existence of the dimensions to each dimension, describing Second Life to fleshy terrestrials as "a 3D virtual world where users can socialize, customize an avatar, connect and create using free voice and text."

He described the world of meat puppets to Second Lifers as being the same, only with acne.

Zak Claxton strums his Martin in terrestrial earth.

Zak Claxton strums his Martin in Second Life.

In either dimension, Zak Claxton was signing his new CDs for appreciative fans. 

In the back, a monitor for peering into the Second Life in the flesh world. 

And Second Life had set up a monitor to allow them to peer into the meaty-meat world.

And, simultaneously, as with all actions in this alternate universe, Zak's appreciative father was there to cheer him on.

A shout out to our photographers in both dimensions.  Thank you for capturing this unprecedented occurrence.

Mouse over any of the photos to see the simultaneous occurrence in Second Life.

A Record Release Party in Two Dimensions: 
Redondo Beach and Second Life

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