New York, June 2007

My cousin Misty moved to the U.S. from South China about ten years ago, and was getting now getting married in New York. Lisa and I decided to go to New York a few days before her wedding.  Thanks to a friend, we stayed for free in an apartment in the Upper East Side, right across the street from the Guggenheim and Central Park!!  My parents and brother stayed in lower Manhattan.

Join us, won't you, as we stroll through New York's museums, groove to the greatest jazz legends, weave our way through Central Park, revisit rock and roll history in the East Village, savor juicy hot dogs from Nathan's at Coney Island, admire the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight, step back in time to NY's rock yesteryear, visit the Strawberry Fields Memorial dedicated to John Lennon, sip tea at a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, and beam with delight as my cousin gets hitched in Chinatown. 

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