peru7.jpg (44302 bytes) The world's most gruesome sweaters are proudly displayed for your purchasing pleasure at a wool store in the Plaza Regocijo, Cuzco.




Incans came from miles around to pay homage to Lord Viagra at this very site -- well, okay, not quite...this is the Inca Temple of Fertility on the south shore of Lake Titicaca in Chicuito, as if you couldn't tell! 


peru8.jpg (44285 bytes)

peru9.jpg (41557 bytes) Sunday market in Chicuito, one of the south shore towns of Lake Titicaca.  Many of the people from the surrounding community, including the villagers from the Uros Islands (Islas Flotantes, or The Floating Islands) come to the markets to trade fish, as shown here, spices, vegetables, and many other items.  It's extremely colorful and vibrant, and a lot of great bargains can be found here.


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