Pioneertown 2005 with The Donnas and Daniel Lanois

Pioneertown, located a few miles outside Yucca Valley near Joshua Tree National Park, was originally built as a movie set for Western movies.  Nowadays, there's a saloon that plays cool music, a motel...but the fun part is that many of the sets have been converted to people's homes! 

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Photos of Pioneertown:
Joshua Tree 2001
Leonid Meteor Shower 2001
Pioneertown-knee deep in desert snow!
Pioneertown 2005-Daniel Lanois, Victoria Williams, The Donnas
Pioneertown 2006-Gram Rabbit, Ralph Stanley, Cholla Cactus Garden
Pioneertown 2007 Clean Air, Clear Stars Festival with Gram Rabbit and Winter Flowers
Pioneertown 2008 Manimal Festival with Xu Xu Fang and Winter Flowers
Joshua Tree 2009 Falling Planes, Joshua Trees, Wonder Valley
Pioneertown and Joshua Tree 2010 Desert Willow & Gram Rabbit, April


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