Joshua Tree and Pioneertown/Ralph Stanley
February 2006

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In February, I drove out to Pioneertown to see the legendary 79 year old Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys at Pappy and Harriet's, the local roadhouse rock bar filled with friendly people.

Camera Geek Alert:  Some people write in asking what I am using for a camera.  This is the second bunch of photos taken with my new Nikon D50 digital SLR with 18-70mm lens.  Most of the pictures on this web site were taken with a Nikon N70 SLR film camera.

Ralph Stanley grew up in rural Virginia and learned to play the banjo "claw-hammer" style from his mother.  He was inspired by the church singing of the Primitive Baptist Church and the sweet back-porch family harmonies of the Carter Family, but honed his own style with his brother Carter in the early 1940s, singing and playing locally.

The current edition of Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys at Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown.

Although 79, Grammy-winning artist Ralph Stanley continues to amaze, holding the Pappy and Harriet's crowd spellbound for his entire set, whether singing a capella or playing banjo.

Ralph Stanley and everyone else meeting enthusiastic fans at the record table at Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown.


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