Pioneertown, June 2008 - Manimal Festival

Pappy and Harriet's hosted the 1st Annual Manimal Festival on June 7th.  Indian chiefs from all over the high desert came.

Sound Stage at Pioneertown, located a few miles outside Yucca Valley near Joshua Tree National Park, originally built as a movie set for Western movies.  The movie set was to provide a place for the actors to live, and have their homes used as part of a movie set.


What would Roy Rogers have made of people converting this facade into a home?

Mariee Sioux sings songs at the saloon.

Xu Xu Fang's ju ju dance.

The Fang.  See more photos of Xu Xu Fang at The Echo (August 2009) here.

Photographing the Fang in the beauty of the desert sunset.

Winter Flowers with the hovering desert moon.

Winter Flowers and the ever-present desert moon over the shoulder of guitarist / vocalist / mandolin player Christof Certik.

Ryan Heffington's We are the World dance ensemble, an odd guerilla dance troupe with elaborate costume changes and pulsing electro music with vocals.

We Are the World at Pappy and Harriet's in the high desert, near Joshua Tree.

Ryan Heffington designs and makes his own costumes, some evoking an ethereal quasi-Middle Eastern flair.  The dance ensemble had the audience stopped dead in their tracks, gawking at every move, having a subversive quality that I can't quite identify.

Pioneertown June 2008 Manimal Festival

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