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moroccanmaninbluesweater.jpg (80521 bytes) Another fine postcard from Morocco, this one is from from a newsstand near the main plaza in Larache, Morocco.  This one must be good -- it produced a chuckle from the otherwise very dignified man selling newspapers behind the counter!






Muslim women in Morocco frequently do not like having their picture taken, as this picture plainly illustrates.  Still, someone apparently thought that this would make a good postcard!  Purchased in Chefchaouen, Morocco. moroccanwomensellingbread.jpg (129798 bytes)

bullfighter.jpg (121509 bytes) El Cordobés.  Purchased at the Plaza de Toro in Ronda, Spain.  The Plaza de Toro, where bullfighting is featured, also sports a peluqueria, or barbershop, next to the entrance.  This is perfect for those moments when you think, "Hey, I'll get a haircut and then catch a bullfight!"  There's also a restaurant right across the street that sells hamburguesas so you can grab a bite to eat after the bullfight! Slurrrp!

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