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Santa Dog just outside the Apple Store on Stockton in SF, where we played our first of two gigs.  You can see pictures of the gig on the next page.

The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

The sitting Buddha contemplates the lovely Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge looking back at SF from Marin County.

Sure, it's difficult to go to San Francisco and not take pictures of the Golden Gate.  We don't wish to disappoint, so here's another one, looking back at San Francisco from the Marin Headlands.

Lisa.  I don't have to tell you where she is, do I?


In search of the perfect dim sum, we headed to Chinatown SF.

While searching for dim sum, we admired the portraits of Mao.

...and the statues of Mao as well...

Lanterns above the streets of Chinatown, SF.

Tsing Tao.  Who drinks this stuff?

Erhu player.


The First Chinese Baptist Church on Waverly and Sacramento.

We unfortunately didn't have time to seek out the Church of John Coltrane.  Hopefully next time.

We did, however, find some decent dim sum at Chinatown Restaurant, finally succumbing to the women in cheongsams brandishing flyers.

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