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My band Nectarphonic performed two evenings in San Francisco.

Ken, Suki, Kerry at the Saturday evening gig at the Apple Store on Stockton in San Francisco in what is probably one of the finest pictures of a starbourine in live performance ever taken.

All SF Nectarphonic photos by noted rock photographer Lisa Kelly, braving all the sweat and blood and beer to get in close with the band.

Suki and Ken at our second gig in San Francisco, this one at Brainwash on Folsom, San Francisco.  Brainwash is a combination cafe, laundromat, and live music venue.

All photos on this page by rock photographer Lisa Kelly.  She didn't leave out pictures of Kerry at Brainwash.  Kerry regrettably couldn't make it for this gig.

Paul, Suki, and Lorenzo at Brainwash.

Suki commands the Earth and the Sky and the Brainwash audience.

Lorenzo, Suki, Ken - Brainwash.




Suki at Brainwash.  All photos on this page by noted rock photographer and resident metalhead Lisa Kelly.

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