Tibet In 49 Seconds:
Video Slideshow From the Los Angeles and San Francisco Pro-Tibet Protests, 2008

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A project of The Tibet Connection

"Tibet in 49 Seconds" is an OPEN CALL for Tibet-inspired videos of 49 seconds in length, not including titles. March 10th of 2008 marked the 49th anniversary of the Chinese communist occupation of Tibet. Also, in Tibetan Buddhism there are 49 days in which the mind traverses a 'state between' (bar-do) death and rebirth.  For more information, please visit The Tibet Connection YouTube Page.


Photos and music by Ken Lee of The Tibet Connection

Tibetans protest the Chinese occupation and human rights abuses in Los Angeles and the Olympic Torch relay in San Francisco, 2008.

Check out the 2008 photos from the San Francisco Olympic Torch protests and the Los Angeles protests.

Tibet in 49 Seconds Video Slideshow 2008
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