West Virginia, Summer 2014
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I'm really late with this travel pages here, but anyway, as you can see, we went to beautiful West Virginia over the summer. I photographed our friend Mary Wade's wedding, and had a little time to sneak away for some natural scenic beauty. There will be just a few photos here this time.

This particular photo is a long exposure photo of Cathedral Falls, maybe an hour's drive away from Charleston. I really love this waterfall greatly, and this was the first time I saw it with this much water flowing. We were on our way to another place, so I basically hopped out of the car, quickly set up the tripod, driving off fifteen minutes later.

I went black and white for this photo of the New River Gorge Bridge over the New River. It was raining, so I dodged a few raindrops and took this from the bridge looking up below.

Grandview, looking down at the ghost town of Thurmond below.

Short, I know, just a few photos this time. I'll try and do better next time.


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West Virginia, June 2014

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