West Virginia As Written by a Real West Virginian, August 2008

A special treat for all y'all.  I'm gonna have a real West Virginian write about West Virginia...here she is, my girlfriend, Lisa:


After finishing the War and Peace of summer vacation stories, Ken was too burned out to document his exotic journey to West Virginia and asked if I wanted to step in.

I’m the reason Ken visits West Virginia. All of my relatives are still in West Virginia. I grew up in the same community where my paternal great-grandfather and great-grandmother settled, and many of my relatives still live on land that my great-grandfather purchased. I’m grateful that I grew up in a closely knit community where people helped each other out, whether building houses, fixing cars or any other work that needed to be done, and sometimes I miss that.

Ken took most of these photos on our trip to the Eastern Panhandle with Mary Wade, our WV traveling companion and my oldest friend (“oldest” in the sense of being the person I’ve been friends with longest). The Eastern Panhandle is a narrow arm that juts into Maryland and Virginia, just a hair south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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