West Virginia 2010 - Andy Warhol, Lunatic Asylums And Appalachian Weddings
Extra Wedding Photos!



Extra photos of the Appalachian wedding, a mix of friends and Lisa's family and other super nice people.

Here's another photo of the new bride Carrie gettin' her groove on.  I don't know how brides walk in these dresses, much less dance.  I'd be tripping constantly.  Guess I wouldn't make a good tranny.

Here's the groomsmen, lookin' mighty fine with their bouquets!!!

The wedding table just after their arrival.

No wedding reception is apparently complete without doing The Electric Slide.

Mickey and Minnie.

Lisa and her family at the reception, including her parents, sister, and her sister's son.

Poster courtesy of Jeff Klopmeyer.

West Virginia 2010 - Andy Warhol, Lunatic Asylums and Appalachian Weddings
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