West Virginia and Ohio 2011: The Wilds, The Haunted Blannerhassett Hotel, Basketball and Homemade Gravy Videos
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Ostrich at The Wilds in southeast Ohio.

After visiting The Wilds, we crossed the border into Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, staying at the historic Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg. The hotel opened in 1889 during a prosperous time for Parkersburg, rich from oil and natural gas.

The hotel is elegant and stately. And it's also said to be haunted <insert maniacal laughter bathed in reverb here>.

I dared to wander the halls - alone - taking photos of the hotel. They say that sometimes, ghosts and ectoplasmic entities can show up in photos after you've taken it. Perhaps you can see them. Move your cursor over the photo and see if you can see an apparition from times past. Mwhoooohahahahahaha!!!



Which ghosts roam the halls of the Blannerhassett?

Some say William N. Chancellor, the gentleman who built the hotel. People report smelling cigar smoke or seeing smoke circle the portrait of Mr. Chancellor. Elevators don't open on the right floor and will often open on the 2nd floor even when the button has not been pushed. A gentleman dressed in grey has been seen walking the second floor.

And here in the library (photo on left), once the First National Bank of Parkersburg. As a woman was entering the bank, a truck missed a turn and drove straight into the bank doorway, killing the woman. Now there is a book that is said fly off the shelves. Perhaps she haunts this library.

Think you can see the woman ghost? Mouse over the photo and if she wants to show herself, she will.

Back with the family, we were treated to a beautiful welcome home meal.

But what do you do after eating a big meal? We ran around and played basketball.

Liam, watching the ball go through the dilapidated hoop.

This movie trailer documents our epic basketball throwdown. Have a look.

This is Lisa's Dad making his incredible homemade gravy. I think it's the best gravy I've ever had. Here he's just about to add a glass of cold water to prevent the gravy from becoming lumpy.

He also creates handmade Appalachian walking sticks and canes.

Nom nom nom nom nom.

Wanna know how to make this delicious gravy? Check out the short video below!

Paul Will's Amazing Gravy video. Oh yeah! It'd be hard to find better gravy anywhere.

Lisa at the New River, ironically one of the oldest rivers in the world, with her Appalachian walking stick, handmade in West Virginia.

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West Virginia and Ohio 2011
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Bonus: Mary Wade's Column from the Times West Virginian, September 7 2011


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