West Virginia and Ohio 2011:
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Lisa, her father and I went on a walk in the hills near the house. We came across this turtle, who was trying to find some tomatoes for dinner. I believe this particular turtle is a wood turtle. You can find out more about them at on the Wood Turtle website, which is devoted to the conservation of North American wood turtles.

Lisa and Paul on our walk near the house. We walked to the Tea Table, a rock formation. You can see Lisa and Paul using their very nice Appalachian Walking Sticks and Canes.

There is a beautiful forest behind Lisa's family's house. This is where Paul often finds branches and vines for his Appalachian Walking Sticks and Canes. I photograph these trees every single year. It's a tradition that has been as consistent as our yearly road trips or eating Paul Will's biscuits and gravy, and even more consistent than our pilgrimages to Hillbilly Hot Dogs or Tudor's Biscuit World, my T-shirt and bumper sticker purchasing visits at the Mystery Hole.

One of the neighborhood kids, Tyler, jumping his bike from a ramp.

Mildred's cat is staring you down. You, as a puny human, will do her bidding.

Mildred and Lisa.

What is this abstract form, you ask? A strange brain-sucking spore from outer space? A new strain of protozoa? A green amber fossil?

None of that. It's the back of a glass duck.

Sandy loves Elvis Presley, this much is true. Here she is getting her Elvis collection ready to commemorate the 34th anniversary of Elvis leaving the building. These two photos show only part of her Elvis collection. She also has many more LPs, magazines, toys, pillows, posters, cards, and other paraphernalia, including a card signed by Vernon Presley, Elvis' father. She said that all the LPs are first editions.

I find going to the WV relaxing. And so does Mildred's cat.

Beautiful state. I've been going to there to visit Lisa's family for about ten years. I've never lived there, but does that make me an honorary West Virginian now? I always feel welcome. I always feel relaxed. Lisa's family are wonderful. I look forward to many more visits.

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West Virginia and Ohio 2011
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