Sequoia and Yosemite, June 2010
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 This page is sort of like the deleted extra scenes you see in a movie when you buy the DVD.  May it make you do backflips of joy!


Yosemite and Sequoia :: photos by Ken Lee :: music by TK Major

Photos by Ken Lee,  :: music and video presentation by TK Major

This video presentation created in honor of Phyllis Pope -- who loves Yosemite -- on her birthday, 2010.

The musical piece used in this video is "My Second Mistake," by TK Major's one man band, one blue nine. You can find more music by TK Major at and from one blue nine at

Yosemite and Sequoia :: photos by Ken Lee :: music by TK Major (from FaceBook in case YouTube doesn't stream)

I spent one of the evenings trying to photograph Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View, but the lights from the oncoming cars interfered with the photos.  I made lemons out of lemonade by turning the camera around and doing long 20-second exposures of the long tunnel that cuts through the mountain. 

A photographer named Herb from Bakersfield joined me in the fun.  We were completely entertained when one truck sped through, it's extra top lights causing an unexpected light show.

Another view of the massive granite walls of Yosemite Valley, dwarfing even the giant trees.

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park, taken from the bridge below, far away from the cool spray of the falls farther up on the steps.

Here are the mysterious tufa towers of south Mono Lake, strange limestone rock formations that grow by underwater springs rich in calcium mixing with the lakewater rich in carbonates to chemically form limestone, creating towers of up to 30 ft. high that take decades or centuries to form while underwater.  Wow.

Now, I did say underwater.  Because Mono Lake has been, until recently, receding due to us Los Angelenos taking water from the lake.  But that apparently has reversed, and the lake will return to higher levels relatively soon, we are told.


Lisa ponders the giant sequoias in Redwood Mountain Grove.  This is the largest grove of giant sequoias in the world.  Not many visit here despite its location in Kings Canyon National Park. The entrance is easy to miss and the unpaved dirt trail leading down the steep canyon road does not look inviting.

This photo gives you some sense of the immensity of these trees.

Our tent cabin near Indian Flat in El Portal, where we stayed just outside Yosemite State Park, where the Merced River and the birds lulled us to sleep each night.

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Sequoia and Yosemite, June 2010
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